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March 08, 2009


Decluttering is so great, i have a box in my garage that i just throw excess in, and when it's full i do a trip to Goodwill and give it away.

Hi Colin Marshall!
Regarding art and non-monetary BENEFITS, there also may be work that BENEFITS, and that is work that benefits others. I turned 65 recently. Had a 30-year career in public affairs. Somehow got roped back into harness with a state Medicaid outfit. It's a job from hell say my colleages, and my boss says two people should be doing it. Yet, I can handle it, and know I'm helping people with disabilities and their families. Am egotistical enough to believe the governor couldn't hire someone at state wages to do it as well as I do it. So, I plan to stick around for a while. Your thoughts did spark some thinking, and induced me to order an Intuos4 tablet (photography.) Old dawg will try to learn new tricks.
Best regards,

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