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July 17, 2009


Interesting process here Colin. As a mid twenty-something this is something I struggle with b/c I feel similar to you (not quite to the extreme), yet everyone around me is insistent.

When I moved from TX to NC, my parents MADE me purchase furniture for my living room. My friends don't understand why I won't by a big screen, and women would probably prefer me to have a head board.

One, I like the simplicity, but two for me it's money that could be spent on experiences.

Though I'm actually going the other way with RSS upgrading recently from 15 to 40+.

Do you use other people as a filter to read great pieces you could potentially miss? Or are you confident you get all you need from your 19 sources?

Anyhow. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It will definitely help me continue to uncover my own.

I wish noisy bloggers (multiple posts daily) had tiered feeds: High Volume, Medium Volume, and Low Volume.

That way, you'd be able to subscribe to a ton of blogs at "Low Volume" and expect to only read the best posts.

Authors who wanted to keep their partially interested readers would have an incentive to make their low/medium feeds live up to their names.

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