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August 05, 2009


About data not being convincing - I think you are making a mistake here. I don't think you can judge the efficacy of presenting data by just seeing if people changed their mind right away. You have to look at how their confidence for a proposition change.

For example, say you have someone who is currently in favor of socialized health care, and is 90% confident that it is desirable. If you present him with some data that detracts from socialized health care, even if it change his mind completely - if it just lowers his confidence in socialized health care - your exhibit may have been pretty worthwhile. To the extent any public policy discussion is worthwhile, that is.

Now, if you think that data does not affect peoples probabilities at all (or very little), then you must have a pretty low opinion of people in general.

Btw, in general, you have some good points in this post, but in some segments I think you overplayed the "Hah, look at these silly extremists - The truth is in the middle" card.

What can we expect for our future? If Obama's planning to do the same thing with our countries health care system, it will be a great risk because the population in our country is to large compared to Canada. If republican's are trying to sabotage the future of this country then I cannot expect more.

Why has Obama chosen the health insurance companies to demonize? He really doesn't talk about why health care its self is so expensive.

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