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September 03, 2009



Cally here, from Bryter Music: The Estate Of Nick Drake. Is there a way I may get to hear the programme you created about Nick please? I live in the UK, my email address is cally@antar.cc or cally@brytermusic.com Thank you in anticipation. Cally

I'm having my 16th birthday party and I'm making it an outside movie party with a big screen and projector. On the invitations I told my friends to bring their favorite movies because I don't know what we should watch. We'll only have time for one movie. Do you have any suggestions? It can't be rated R (Love ya, Mom!) Something that is actually a good movie without a lot of horrible profane jokes or cursing.

I was thinking "The Birds". It seems like a cool movie to watch with a bunch of teens. What do you think?

Neither beliver nor reject anything, because any other person has rejected of believed it. Heaven has given you a mind for judging truth and error, Use it. Do you think so?

Thanks for all the great info! I'm still new to Twitter and this was so helpful! I was wondering how it works when you want to respond to something somebody said.

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Just like Cally I would like to hear that program about Nick Drake. How should I do?
I am one year and some months later. I hope my late discover of your blog won't keep me from that.
Thank you so much.

This man deserves great respect. He did a lot for the mankind.

IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

there's a few album that are translated to english, this is one of those few, and of course only the best, guess what? this is one of the best.

IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

Hi, thank you for sharing this great info. Was just browsing through the net in my office and happened upon your blog. It is really very well written and quit comprehensive in explaining with a very simple language.

Well for me he was a great actor i wonder why he retire so early, some people said that he had drug problems other was because family issues, but who knows at the end no one will know, but i know that he made a great job on television.

in my personal opinion is a good actor, maybe not the best in the world, and all those rumors about drugs and family problems, that rumors are only a way to discredit the name of this actor.

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This book is a real achievement. Trevor Dann has done what no one has done before for Nick Drake.

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