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October 24, 2009


Love those stories! And your pin is just too cute! I feel like making some now for next year! Congratulations to all the winners... :)

Use a dictionary and grammar guide constantly. Keep a small English dictionary with you at all time. When you see a new word, look it up. Think about the word - use it, in your mind, in a sentence.

Only the people's social practice is the criterion of knowledge for people outside the standard. The standard of truth is only social practice.Do you think so?

"Dim Sum gives the sight of such a tableau, and many other such striking moments, its proper due, framing it to perfection and observing with impeccable stillness."

This could not have been framed any better. a fortune teller has told her this is the year she'll die, and a daughter, Geraldine, remains unmarried.

This movie deserved the BAFTA Award

Dim Sum is a great book, a story of a strong women facing adversity...

Pigs are friends of human beings

he's a good director but Wang changed his mind and ended up in the arts, studying film and television at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.

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That was an interesting piece of information on handwriting analysis. Please post more about graphology. Thank you!

This is a sweet old-fashioned and knowing valentine to Chinese American family life in San Francisco. In many ways, it seems like a predecessor to the Joy Luck Club, complete with Joan Chen as a young Mah Jongg player. The pace here is somewhat leisurely, but the vignettes are warm and satisfying enough to sustain interest throughout.

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