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January 22, 2010


Love your essays, radio shows, and interviews, but I just don't buy that argument. I'm pretty sure that there are 9 to 5s out there than can net you at least $30k, with room for creativity on the side. Lots of administrative assistants, for example, make at least that much. The downside, though, is (a) the initial effort required to secure a different job/move into another industry and (b) having to do work that you don't always like/having less time to do what you love.

I find this post fascinating, because I'm dealing with an inverse situation. Working a high-paying job with occasional crazy hours makes it hard to do much more than dabble -- although arguably, I've been doing plenty of that lately (baking pies, foraging for wild mushrooms, relearning programming, etc.) My goal this year, though, is to start writing regularly. A post a week would be nice.

In 2010, I hope that you make more money, and that I write more words.

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