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January 14, 2010


excellent sport engines and are fast car kit definitely my thing, adrenaline and emotion behind the wheel is great, congratulations on the blog is excellent and the subject of the best, thanks for sharing.

i like this part of the blog:"Aitken's own commentary on the piece reveals that the kid's walkabout takes him through not just one city, but a seamless patchwork — if that's not an oxymoron — of several. The resulting invented metropolis presents an equally forbidding and strangely welcoming (or at least non-threatening) landscape of 99-cent stores, laundromats, brown barren stretches, car washes and barbed wire. The protagonist doesn't stop to examine; he just keeps moving. And occasionally busts some moves." is very good

It really is a great idea.I will have a trial of this idea as soon as I got the pattern.Thank you for constantly posting of so many useful tips.They are such a great help to me.Thank you very much!

This is a great idea! love the videos....

Amazing videos!!! Aitken is a genius

Wow, how cool that video, Electric Earth looks amazing, I want to watch it again, I love this kind of videos because they are very well done, I am a publicist so my job is to criticize videos.

I was watching a passage of this video I saw the man who was dancing, it was really interesting because he has my dancing style, so I think I'm better.

Thanks for the posting.there is something very unique and enjoyable about.

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