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March 25, 2010


I watched this once before reading your post, and again after it. I wasn't more engaged the second time, though. These shots, in the end, reminded me of surveillance footage -- camera in a bag pointed up at passersby, camera hidden behind shrubbery, camera with a wide angle lens -- and I liked the vague voyeuristic feeling this afforded, which was augmented by the de-contextualized audio. But I wasn't engaged beyond that, and I didn't come away with a sense of the place except that there's very, very little traffic, which I suspect isn't even true.

I'd argue that you haven't (or haven't adequately) decontextualized the IMAGES here. This is a video about your neighborhood -- specific intersections -- showing images of the neighborhood. How is it decontextualized? I'm very open to the idea you're talking about here, but I'm not feeling it in the piece. Yet.

Would you please tell your instructor that Dan Owen from Portland, Maine is ordering him to ban the word "confusing" from his class? It is the most useless piece of feedback imaginable, and has no place in a learning environment.

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