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March 06, 2010


Talking about the moon, covers many topics, and many contexts, and also many points of view, but I always thought it one of the most beautiful expressions of nature

i like this part of the post:"No New York City cultural institution has been more hospitable toward the development of experimental interarts performance over the last decade and a half than the Kitchen. " is very good

I love to find so interest blogs like this, is good to find something nice to read.

TWO MOON JULY was shot at The Kitchen's space on Wooster and Broome prior to the move to the 19th Street space.

Just a quick note to say great to see people blogging about climate change and if you want more information on the topic you might like to check out my blog. Links are always welcome, if you like the site but more importantly it may provide you with a few interesting stories for your readers.

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