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April 23, 2010


Every time I pull up my blog and find a comment from Dan, it's like Christmas and my birthday rolled up in one.

This is a fantastic idea, highlighting choice pieces from Dan's oeuvre. Thanks for the public service. Once I have earned enough Dan comments for a "greatest hits" gallery, I'm going to follow your lead.

... you like me, right now, you like me!

I'll admit, Colin, that I'm often as perplexed as you are that your writing so rarely elicits comments. I thoroughly enjoy your insights and the writing-architecture within which you contain them. These days, you're getting most of my comments, and not just because of my love of the underdog. As far as I can tell, you, Colleen, Justine, Penelope, Ryan Holiday, and Matt Cornell are creating a new art form. For myself, though, I fear the time-suck of blogging. The hour or so I spend every week or two writing a comment feels, at the moment, like a commitment of the perfect size. I hope, though, that you think of me as the loud-mouth of the silent majority: those people who read and love your work but, for whatever reason -- probably their time-consuming work secretly abetting the socialist takeover of the country by the Democrats -- keep their traps shut.

[I was hoping for the beautiful unity of Zero Comments to this post, but Colleen had to ruin it. My comments on Colleen's blog are much more autobiographical, because that's how we roll over there.]

yeah truly a great site.I really enjoyed my visit.

I worry the time-suck of running a blog. Plenty of time or so I invest weekly or two composing a thoughts seems, currently, like a investment of the best dimension. I wish, though, that you think of me as the loud-mouth of the silent

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