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April 19, 2010


Seems like a rational plan.

You might be working with a conception of rationality that's a bit too focused on the individual. Social notions of rationality seem quite comfortable with letting a thousand Herzogian flowers bloom.

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The examples you provide are almost entirely art, or the situations of art. I'd argue that rationality and art make about as much sense together as editing and dancing. In large part, art is about exploring relations in ways that no one has ever done before. The friend of art is random shuffle and experimentation, not rationality. So I think you're drawing a bit of a false dichotomy. It's just not a mode where rationality applies in any sensible way.

Now rationality turns out to be quite useful for most other modes, be it the basics of checking a bus schedule to the more complicated applications of math.

But you're really just making a statement that you prefer an artistic mode to a rational mode. That's fine. Just don't spend excessive amounts of time in either. Turning rationality completely off tends to make life rather unpleasant, in my estimation, since you need a certain amount of cause-and-effect reasoning to save money for material comfort and preserve health. But that certainly doesn't stop some from making life fully about art, and forgetting to pay bills or brush their teeth. On the other hand, I would find a life of complete rationality rather flat.

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Rationality requires a belief in some degree of objectivity, a concept I find disquietingly fluid. Thanks for your thoughts.

Earlier this week I was watching the news. In LA a high school student got a prank text from an unknown number. The text said that it was from god and it told the student to kill 3 people. The student killed 1 of the three and got close to killing the others. This shows some people will kill in gods name even without any proof the order came from god

I think and it's a proven fact that being rational is a must for every situation you are engage in. BUT... You can't deny also that sometimes the situation you are into in can lead you being an irrational too. BOTTOM LINE: It's still a case to case basis, anyway.

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