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July 14, 2010


Once again, you hit close to home.

My comments are here: http://berkman.ca/whats-the-boulder-in-your-path

I was fat too up until this year. Lost about half my body weight.

I never saw it as something holding me back though. I've always been quite conscious of the fact that if anyone is pissing in my corn-flakes it's me and my bad people skills and my desire to be alone with my principles rather than compromising and being with people with similar (but obviously divergent) ideas and ideals.

Conversely, I have for a long time now been planning around my mother's death. This is largely for logistical reasons : She's old and sick and I'm the primary carer. In a way it fills a similar role though : "When she's gone I'll be able to go to readercon". "when she's gone I'll be able to visit Japan".

I'm sure that there are some things that could have been done that were not done but at the end of the day, life is about setting priorities and my priorities -- no matter how fucked up and irrational -- are my own.

There is a counterpoint to this.

Because there is a bolder in my life, I have been forced to make decisions based upon the existence of a bolder. I define myself by pressing against those boundaries.

Why are decisions made on the basis of complete freedom more legitimate than those made on the basis of limitations?

If we are, in fact, radically free then the decision to NOT act because we might be fat or easily distractable are no more or less authentic than any other. Freedom is choosing one's own priorities.

Great article, Colin.

I went through a similar crisis when I turned 30, but then I realized turning 30 and still being single wasn't holding me back in life- it was fear. So now I try to be more fearless.

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