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August 24, 2010



I think MOI is peerless, and have often surfed around trying to figure out how I could "support the show" (financially, as I am not an iTunes user).

This could be a small part of the problem (assuming that I haven't been missing something "obvious").

I genuinely feel guilty that I take so much without giving in return.

Help me help you, and we'll both sleep better (I assume).

A million thanks,

Even though I make orders of magnitude more money than you doing orders of magnitude less work, I envy you, and I intend to become more like you. I am glad to hear that you are devoted to leveling up, and no doubt you deserve it, but I think you are one of the rare birds who's figured out -- and I mean *really* figured out, not just intellectualized -- that life's too short to be spent doing anything other than . . . you get my drift. I'll stop before it becomes too cliche.

Hi Colin, The Market Place of Ideas is your signature it all revolves in who you are and how you appreciate and adapt to new and neato ideas. Boy you're shipping interesting stuff, and if you keep up yourself energized many of your interest will evolve into something even more admirable to what you ship now —it seems to me that your rituals have paid off.

I’d say your purpose of honing writing skills, as I know you from this blog and TMPoI, is to embrace clarity, and it helps me too. It's been helpful to me as to think better and to appreciate other's work significantly.

well the question is undoubtedly; how you make a living?


I'm a big fan of much of your work -- and I have a lot of respect for your output. Your work is significantly more impressive than anything I have created and, like Justin, I am jealous.

That said, it seems to me that you are *hoping* that your work will magically monetize itself -- rather than analyzing how you could drive revenue and following through on it.

You won't like many (all?) of these ideas, but... you could write an e-book on how to produce your first low-budget art film to feature when you release your upcoming film. Or, you could put ads up on your sites (I click as "tips" for great content). You could offer to help people brainstorm what their art / purpose is. You could teach people how to DJ. You could find a host of things that other people have built and endorse them through affiliate links. You could make one of your podcasts only available for paid download. You could offer a "donate dinner to Colin" link on your page. You could keep everything the same, but devote 15% of your time to something you would never do if not for the money. The list goes on and on.

It seems to me that you are more uncomfortable with the idea of monetization of your work / art, than incapable.

All I can provide is praise. Love your work and a few ideas: you may be on the avante garde, which means it may be difficult to build a broad audience without compromising your artistic sense. Another idea is you may just need to keep on keepin' on, for a breakthrough in the future. 3rd, perhaps you should partner with or get advice from someone who can think about creative ways to "market" your material, so that you're not compromising it, but it's getting to more people who might enjoy it. 4th, you could poll people and figure out what resonates with them, what doesn't, about your work. Maybe there are reasons outside of content, such as format, web presence, how your material is introduced, that are limiting your audience? 5th, maybe there is another way to make money based on the material you are amassing, again without compromising?

Above all I think the best thing is to keep following your heart. This usually helps one focus, also. Worst case, no one ever gets your work and you have to keep doing side jobs, but at least you will have enjoyed the ride and found it meaningful. Better, and more likely, is that your enthusiasm will continue to shine and wear through people's fixed impressions of the world, to offer them something new. Like you did for me, I just really enjoyed the podcast with Steven Moore and have myself a list of interesting authors to scope out. Hope to catch up soon, -A

I just really enjoyed the podcast with Steven Moore and have myself a list of interesting authors to scope out. Hope to catch up soon, -A

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