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January 24, 2011


Society needs innocence and required a return to childhood.

We can believe we are being self-reliant and independent, and yet there is still clearly an overarching destiny, a Great Maker.

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Why do you need 10,000 subscribers to continue it? I realize you want to spread ideas, and that's not a bad thing, but you seem so intent on ending it without reaching a larger subscriber base.

Do you need that many people to justify its existence? Is this a self-imposed decision or was it forced upon you? I understand you're probably a freelance journalist and are busy and broke, but if you enjoy it, and your listeners enjoy it, there's no reason to push the boundaries of that relationship. If it becomes a burden then you can scale it back or pander for donations, or even end it. But begging for subscribers has always gotten on my nerves, regardless of the cause.

The only justification I can see for this is that in order to get more high-profile guests, you need an established reputation, and for a podcast, subscriber statistics are the best way to show that.

Strongly encouraging listeners to "recommend" and "share" turns me away. Nevertheless, I wish you success. I just hope you can attain it without succumbing to tired tactics that I've seen too often.

(Oh, and hi from Metafilter!)

The long and short of it: because I expected to reach 10,000 subscribers years ago. At the current rate of growth, I'll die of liver spots before I can make a sustainable career out of this.

I subscribed yesterday. I had previously listened to the episode with Scott Esposito, but then I went and listened to a few more and decided to subscribe.

Keep up the good work.


"I understand you're probably a freelance journalist and are BUSY AND BROKE, but if you enjoy it, and your listeners enjoy it, there's NO REASON to push the boundaries of that relationship."

Does not compute.

You make a fair point, although I've recently been pondering turning to a fruitful career of stealing, which may obviate all this.

I should have been clearer - I was QUOTING the earlier guy (Anthony) and saying that his complaint didn't make any sense. Complaining about subscription requests is incredibly ungrateful. I want to do this myself, and understand completely. Love-love-love your podcast, and I subscribed today!

Hang in there! Good things don't spread easy. It took a while for me to learn about and appreciate the serious inquiry you undertake that's missing from todays quick snippets of mostly, rather worthless commentaries & investigations. My favorite so far Geoff Dyer, Tim Harford. My best wishes and good luck to you Colin!

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