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February 28, 2011


That’s a lovely distinction – thank you.

Can one be both a cat media person and have a 10,000 subscribership goal? I suppose so if the purpose of the goal is not “hey, look at me” but rather more like “I want to do this, but if it doesn’t feed me by this point, time to move on”.

This reminds me of an aside in Barbery's "The Elegance of the Hedgehog": "The only purpose of cats is that they constitute mobile decorative objects". I agree 100% about being turned off by perpetually needy hard-sell dog media, but the downside of cat media: it's more difficult to socialize around. I have yet to have a water-cooler conversation turn to last night's Charlie Rose. Alas! My cultural cross to bear.

This is a great post, although I don't have much to add, other than I love to see identification of extremes of spectrums, keep it up. This and your astute podthoughts today, definitely a good day.

My cat rushes up to meet me when I come home. Cats can be very affectionate!!

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