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June 06, 2011


Anthology recently had a "boring masterpieces" series, but as you hint, there seems to be great confusion between "boring" and merely "long." Empire IS boring (well, unless there's some clown show in the middle that I missed because I've only seen about 30 minutes of the whole thing). Satantango is long, slow, dreary exhausting...but boring? The inclusion of Solaris and the briskly paced The Human Condition only confirmed my skepticism. I dislike Rivette intensely, but even from what little I've seen of the 13-hour Out 1, I wouldn't call it boring, just pointless and a waste of time.

Jeanne Dielman comes closer to genuine boredom, and Kira Muratova has aggressively pursued being boring as an act of hostility toward the audience, so I wouldn't want to insult her by saying she's not boring. But yeah, The Hangover Part 2 sounds more boring than most of these.

I find enough stuff involving that I don't want to drive myself crazy by lowering my interestingness threshold so that there's even more stuff for me to read and watch that I don't have time for.

Fuck, you missed the clown show? And here I thought you were so culturally savvy.

Nowadays, anything produced before about 1990 qualifies as "boring" by our jaded stimulation standards and tapped out adrenals.

Down with awesome! Long-live boring!

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