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August 18, 2011


You had me chuckling along myself, Colin. I wish we had a schema or some sort of dimensions to describe people's comedic tastes. I think you'd be one at extreme, maybe towards the "unexpected surprise" end.

I'd like to see that schema laid out in an Edward Tufte-style infograph. What would consider to be the sense of humor directly opposite mine?

I'd like to see the dimensions of comedic taste too! I have no idea what they'd be like. Tyler Cowen once wondered about this, http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2010/09/comedy-recommendations.html, you should ask him maybe.

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I agree about Split Pea Andersen's, the food is shit. And if you live in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo, you can get their terrible soup in grocery stores like Albertson's. I stopped at Andersen's once with my family, and as soon as we saw we had to walk through a gift shop to reach the restaurant, we turned around and went to the decent diner across the road.

Fast forward a few years later - some friends are road-tripping down to Santa Barbara. Ring ring, I get a call updating me on their location. "Hey, we're at some place called Andersons." "WHAT? Really? Have you ordered yet? Get out while you can!" "Um, uh, uh, our drinks just arrived - uh, I gotta go!" Three hours later, a disgruntled and hungry group arrives at my door complaining about the tourist trap that had already sprung by the time I delivered my warning.

It is absurd to be so annoyed by a silly tourist stop in the middle of California, but it does bug me.

Your "you were doing it wrong" Metafilter has reached an epic length, I'm bookmarking it to keep reading later.

Small serious children and nonsensical interpretations of cultural references make me laugh too. I had a classmate from Australia who thought the words to Feliz Navidad were "Police locked me up!" I still find myself singing this at Christmas.

never thought about it.hmmm

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I did a little research on the topic and found that most people agree with your blog. Thanks.

Thanks for making the pattern available so quickly. Hm, maybe I can re-prioritize some projects. Who am I fooling? I'm going to go buy more yarn

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